Actions speak louder than words

Yes! Actions speak louder than words, but don’t we also make decisions based on words ?

When I first heard Obama speak in Austin, I knew that I wanted him for president.  I cried as I listened to him paint a bright future for my country. I voted for him based on his words. OK! so being smart, handsome and well dressed helped a lot.

Obama Hope

Did I see him in action? No.  But I bought whatever he was selling based solely on his words.

Yesterday someone asked me if I am concerned that the Muslim Brotherhood might take over Egypt.  Interestingly the words “Muslim Brotherhood” conjured horrible images of burning buildings and people dying to my mind.  The fact that the words “Muslim Brotherhood” literaly translate to “Peaceful brothers” meant nothing.

So when is it that words weigh heavier than actions? and when actions speak louder than words?


At first, we listen to words. People will give you the benefit of the doubt. Your words/Elevator speech could help you finance your company, get you a first interview and/or  get you laid.

THEN comes the action part. Did you follow through with your promises? Did you deliver on time and as expected?

Today’s social media tools force companies and people to walk around with a wide open kimonos.

People will talk about you all over the web and on their mobile devices. Your mom, your boss and your dog will know that you landed that account as well as drank during your lunch break.

Everyone knows.....

In today’s world, everyone knows everything.


Only make promises that you can keep. Under commit and over deliver is the key to customer delight.

Don’t lie to your customers because they will find out. Your actions will speak louder than your words.

Cairo: By Andrew Bakar

As of Egypt, I am not worried. Egyptians love their country too much to let it fall in the wrong hands. It will take them some time to find out who they are and the right path to take. But they will eventually get there.

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