Digital Media Management MBA Projects

Impact of Social Business on Organizations 

This paper examines social media, specifically blogging, as a disruptive technology changing how people interact and do business online. Blogging tools have expanded exponentially in just the past few years, allowing the technology to shift from a disruptive to sustaining technology, changing how we communicate in the digital space.


Using Mr. Christensen’s principles in Seeing What’s Next  as a guide, this paper examines how Research In Motion (RIM) has failed to see the “signals of change” in the mobile communication space consequently allowing Blackberry technology to fall behind the iPhone.


Austin’s Blogathon is a perfect example of how small business can compete in a niche market with a customer centric strategy using social media tools. This paper demonstrates my personal experience at the Austin, TX 2010 Blogathon.


Successful Implementation of Social Business

Companies with successful social media strategies have captured their customers’ heart, mind and market share. Zappos is a great success story of traditional business leveraging digital marketing to be the nation’s largest online shoe retailer.


This paper addresses the impact of digital technologies on fine arts. Prior to the digital era, artists depended on elite patrons to support them as they rose to fame. In the digital era, artists  rely heavily on the technology to create, produce and market their work.


 While social media trend is relatively new, some brick and mortar companies have embraced it and are leading the way to best practices. Whole Foods Market (WFM) is a great case study for digital media success in the brick and mortar industries.


 This paper explores how Bazaarvoice leads the new trend of digital social commerce by offering Software As Service Solutions (SAAS) that allows customers to talk to each other and their vendors.


Social Media Influence on Brands

A Short analysis of TOM’s social media marketing and brand equity. The organization is an example of a marketing success and social benefit, offering its consumers a triple value proposition – a product that works well, costs less (or at least is priced reasonably) and does some good.


A short analysis of Jay Z and his brand extensions. Without a doubt Jay Z is one of the most successful artists of our time. His art does not only extend to his music but to every facet of his business ventures from clothing to sports and hotels. A recommendation of his brand extension is included.


This short paper discusses Nintendo’s brand changes throughout the last 4 decades, and how the company bounced back after what appeared to be a brand identity crisis in the late and early 2000. It also includes recommendations on growth opportunity moving forward.


This short paper explores how Syfy survived mockery to come out triumphant over its rebranding fiasco back in 2009, and how NBC could capitalize on its brand equity to expand its viewership for both channels.

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