Embrace your inner salesperson…Digitally and analog-ly

What do you think when you think of salesman? Does the image of cheesy fake smile and pink suit flash in your mind?

How about you give me your money, and I give you big fat nothing

Have you heard the term “Closer” for a saleswoman?  If you haven’t, it means sending out a beautiful tall blond girl with big boobs to close the deal.

I personally find both very offensive, and sad that they hold similar titles as great marketers like Dale Carnegie or Seth Godin.

Remember when dad paid for your first concert, guess what? You sold him on send you there.  Or when you talked your boss into implementing the new process; you have sold him/her on the idea. A sales person is not the sleazy creepy person who suckered you into buying something you didn’t want.  It is the person who educated you on various ways to solve your problems.

The good sales people are passionate about their products. They listen to their customers to understand their problems. When time is right, they educate them and offer products that help solve these issues. And lastly they follow up to understand the experience and build a lasting relationship.

The good sales person knows that it is all about the customer experience during the engagement process, and you want that engagement process to last a lifetime. A good sales person builds a community, not just one time exchange.

This same practice transfers to the digital world. When you engage your customer online, you are building a community. It is dad and mom all over again, same experience different format.

As a digital sales person, aka social media community manager, you are also building a community to love you and buy your products.  Every interaction is an opportunity to educate your customers on why they should trust you and give you money. And when you mess up, don’t lie to them or ignore what happened. You apologize, explain the circumstances, and state how you will fix it moving forward.

Remember, everyone in your life is your customer.  So build your community based on empathy, trust and respect.

Now if I can just “sell” my dog on not chewing the pillows. I would truly be great saleswoman.

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