Social Media and Social Business Strategy

Social media is a subset of social business, and it is an important part of becoming a social business. I have worked with various organizations on creating their social media strategy and they often want to jump on the social media bandwagon without having a clear goals and strategy.  While I can’t share the details of these organizations’ strategy (they are unique per company anyway), I can share the key elements to creating a successful social business strategy.

Understanding your audience, knowing your goals and defining your metrics are key elements to successful implementation of social media strategy. Deploying the tools should be the last step. Unfortunately many organizations jump the gun and create a Facebook Page first without knowing who will visit it and why.  It’s like buying a car from the first dealership you encounter without knowing why you bought the car, how will you use it and if the price was right.

Some of the organizations that I had the pleasure of working on their social media plans are:
www.starmount.com, www.fpmt.org, www.austinfpmt.org, www.queenofpoints.com

Website Design, Usability and Content Management

Taking a website from release to a high traffic site could be very tricky.  Site usability, SEO and content quality are the three top elements of a successful website. In site usability, I found that I had to help my clients understand the meaning of website usability in terms of navigation, colors and layout. Once we agreed on the website design, then came the part of taking the site from release to make the content sticky. In the beginning, it seems like an ever-changing process of rewriting the content, updating the images and modifying the Meta tags, followed by the fun yet challenging part of creating original and relevant content. In developing and managing websites, I discovered that I have become a project manager focusing on educating the clients, managing the budget and reporting the progress along with designing the site. Here are some examples of sites I have worked on.

I am a big fan of Thesis WordPress theme and it is what I have been using on my site and the other sites I designed. But as I said earlier, designing the site is really the easiest part of the job.  The tricky part is getting the clients to explain their goals, who their customers are and the expected outcome of the site. Once I had  a clear understanding of the client profile, then using a good site theme and some knowledge of CSS  brought it all together.

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