What?… Who?

Social business…what? You mean…like Facebook?


Social business is an organization that engages everyone in its ecosystem (employees, customers, partners, suppliers) using digital technologies and processes to enhance its value. The idea of social business is not new. It has been around “in a human sense” for tens of thousands of years—if not longer!  We are social beings living in social and interactive world. Today, thanks to some uber smart people we can use digital technologies to connect with everyone in our community personally and professionally.

Social Media is just a subset of social business. Social business is about engaging the different communities using the correct tools. It is setting the right strategy followed by the appropriate execution and metrics to ensure successful goals implementation. The magic of social media tools is that they can optimize your reach for a much lower cost of acquisition.


If you haven’t noticed yet, I am a big advocate of social business.

I started my career as an engineer, but joined sales and marketing teams within different industries to build relationships and enhance products value proposition.  Then came social media apps and mobile technologies that give us  capabilities to reach out to the global community as well as connect in real-time. Today we are more about sharing and being authentic than ever before.

My passion is bringing people together working towards common goals. My MBA in Digital Media Management has greatly helped put my passion into practice in understanding the different facets of doing business in the digital age.

Check out my infographic resume. It demonstrates my adventures into the social business world.

For any inquiries, contact me at via LinkedIn at rashaproctor or via my Twitter account @rashaproctor.

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