Social media campaign: Don’t scream at me, love me instead.

Have you ever been annoyed by the ads on TV, on your mobile app or on a post that you are trying to read? What about being been approach by someone trying to sell you something that you have no interest in? Don’t you wish they would just disappear?

Stop screaming- Photo by Ernst Vikne

If yes, then you understand how your customer feels when you are uninvitedly approached them to sell your products. They wish that the earth would open up and swallow you whole. Not a good response from a potential buyer.

Social media is often confused as a venue to directly sell stuff to the customers, like TV or billboard advertisement. However social media is not about selling, advertising, collecting fans or even getting your name out. They all by-products of your success in social media, but shouldn’t be the initial goal.

The purpose of social media is to engage the customer over the lifetime of the brand.

Let’s start by clarifying the meaning of “engaging the customer”. It means you are eliciting some kind of response, followed by an action. All responses start by an emotion; let’s categorize them into good, bad or indifferent emotions.   Then emotions are usually followed by a physical action; let’s say responding to your post, forwarding your post or deleting the post.

A successful Social media campaign will elicit a good response followed by the action of responding or forwarding the post. Anything else is considered a failure. Sure you could a bad response if the customer posts a nasty message on your site, but it is also an opportunity to connect with and educate that customer.  An indifferent response, on the other hand, is considered the worst kind social media; simply because the potential customer will consider you not worth their time and delete you forever.

Think of social media campaign as a love story.

First you meet, then you date and you fall in love and finally you get married to live happily ever after. So quit screaming at people and learn to build a loving and lasting relationship.

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Julie Gomoll April 5, 2011 at 12:56 am

Love it. Makes all sorts of “Social Media 101” pointers ring true:
* Auto-responders: Just don’t! Can you imagine if you got an impersonal, automatic response after accepting a first date?
* Unsolicited @ messages make you seem like a stalker.
* If you ask me for a favor before we’ve even dated, I’ll know you’re a lousy risk, and I’ll never say yes.

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