Why are you starting a social media campaign?

The purpose of social media is to engage the customer. Not sell, not advertise, not collect fans and not getting your name out. They all by-products of your success in social media, but should not be the goal.

I can hear a  “Duh!”. But really before you jump on your high horse, go review your last 10 posts.

Engaging means you are eliciting some kind of response. It could be an emotional response like crying or laughter, or it could be physical response where they write back or chug you in the trash (Delete/Spam) never to give you a second chance.

If you are aiming for the physical response, you would ask questions, run contests, provide educational information or training. Your statements should be factual and based on data.

If you go for the emotional response, then you are telling a story or painting a mental image. It should touch their heart. Have you ever seen or read the ASPCA stories about the boy saving his best friend or the dog that killed the tiger to save the boy? You can never read those without feeling that tug in your heart. What about the Old spice ads? They are so ridiculously funny. They went viral within months. People love to share a laugh.

Earlier I said that engagement should be your only goal. The reason I say that is because anytime you write something with the goal of sales or advertisement, it shows in your words and your customer will feel it and will snob you.  People go into social media because they are looking for personal connection. They don’t want to be talk at (like TV ads) instead they want to have a conversation, be heard, feel cared for, looked after, loved etc…you get the point.

So before you post something to your social media tools you ask yourself two questions:
1- What reactions will this elicit from my audience?
2- What am I selling or advertising here?

If the answer to # 1 is a good emotional or physical reaction, then hit publish.
If the answer to # 2 is A and B/C, then erase and start over.

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